Congratulatons Wor. Jon Buck – new 3rd District DDGM

Mystic Valley’s Angel Fund helps the East Somerville Community School celebrate the holidays

MVL Donates to Grand Lodge’s Brotherhood Fund

Bro. Daniel “Strong Walker” Thomas honored by his father

Walter Will Do It!

Amicable Lodge hosted an excellent Lodge of Table on December 1 to honor Wor. Walter Wedlock for all he has contributed to Masonry.

Wor. Phil’s son honored with a “Master’s Ring”

Wor. Walter celebrates his 50th birthday in style

Happy Birthday, Walter!

MVL Does Halloween


Hollywood comes to the Arlington Masonic Temple

A movie crew took over 19 Academy Street for two days to shoot scenes for an upcoming major feature about a Harvard physicist. Stay tuned for the trailer next year.

Our Ladies’ Lounge and Club Room disguised as an insurance office.

Turning night into day.

“Back Stage”






Wor. Walter receives his Lewis Jewel from his dad, Wor. Bruce Wedlock