Angels at East Somerville Community School

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ESCS2 croppedOn Tuesday December 2, 2014, Somerville Attorney Philip J. Privitera visited a First Grade Classroom at the East Cambridge Somerville Community School on Cross Street and presented a $1,000 donation to assist the children and the school during the Christmas season.

“I wanted the children to be a part of the presentation, so I sat right on the mat which was in the middle of the floor in the first grade classroom” recalls Privitera. “The children seemed to love it, and there’s nothing is more gratifying than making children laugh and smile, especially around the holidays,” commented Privitera.

The donation comes from the Masonic Angel Fund from the Mystic Valley Lodge of Freemasons where Privitera is currently the presiding Lodge Master.Privitera visited Cambridge with Ted Wilson, who is the Treasurer of Mystic Valley Lodge as well as a Vice Principal at Dearborn Academy in Arlington.Both had a chance to visit the school and meet with some of the children.

Arlington’s Mystic Valley Lodge’s Angel Fund is a Charity Fund comprised ofmoney raised by the lodge to assist children in need. Privitera and Wilsonwere met and greeted by many members of the East Somerville Community School including the Head Social Worker, Jean DeVanthery and the Counselor on Education, Carlie Calioro.

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